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Ballet as an adult

Taking ballet classes as an adult, whether for the first time, or coming back to it after a hiatus may lead to the following :

  • Feeling very uncoordinated the first time you learn a new step. But also learning that new coordinations become easier the more we challenge ourselves with new steps.

  • The first grand plié of the day gets all the snap, crackle and pops out.

  • Ballet is so much harder than in looks! But so much fun!

  • Memorizing choreography takes much longer for some adults than when they were younger.

Dancers standing in 5th position croisé with their arms in 5th position. They are wearing ballet outfits with tights and bodysuits, skirts, leggings, shorts, they look in the moment.

  • You may find yourself much more mindful and present in class.

Everyone's experience of ballet as an adult is different, but joy of movement should be center stage. What is something that stood out to you taking ballet class as an adult?

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