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Adult Ballet Dancers

Studio Principles


Building a community is a core principle of the studio. We dance better when we feel part of a group. Dancers are addressed by their name throughout class. There is warm up space that allows for chatting before and after class. Our community is built around the joy of dancing and shared experiences in class. 

Black and white photograph of dancers standing at the barre

The Right is not the Left and Counting to Three is Tricky

Ballet class is multilayered and we exercise our brains along with our bodies. Laughter and acknowledging our challenges are part of our learning journeys and teaching philosophy. 

Black and White photograph of dancers standing in arabesque. They are wearing masks in 2020.


Movement and memory are different abilities.  You can always request to have a demonstration while dancing in smaller and larger groups. 

To facilitate learning exercises, everyone faces the same way at barre. This reduces the pressure of having to remember the exercises in their entirety and allows for focus on execution. 

Adult Ballet

Comfort and Confidence

Comfort and confidence are key in learning. Express yourself in your attire and hair and have some fun with your outfits. With multiple levels, dancers have the opportunity to continue growing as dancers.

Adult Ballet Ottawa
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