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Can men attend classes?

Yes! Everyone is welcome. The ballet classes are "pick your own adventure" with exercises offering options varying in style and focus to bring out a joy of movement through ballet technique. 


Are the classes drop-ins or progressive?

Both!  The class plans last a full month for all the classes.  This allows for the return dancers to improve and grow with the material.  All exercises are taught and reviewed every class, welcoming drop-ins. The monthly class plans build on each other to develop vocabulary and technique in returning dancers. 


Are these RAD classes?

Daphné holds her Registered Teaching Status with the Royal Academy of Dance, along with experience in Cecchetti and Vagonava. The focus of her teaching is on healthy alignment and technique and is open to a variety of artistic styles. 


Do I need previous ballet experience?
No. You can start ballet classes at any age. 

Can someone start ballet as adult and progress to pointe work?

Yes! Strength, mobility and alignment are the main factors for pointe work. Pointe is an achievable goal for many starting as adults. Every dancer in our pointe classes passes a pointe assessment to confirm they have the strength and mobility to safely dance on pointe. 

What is the age range in the classes?
Each class varies, but generally speaking our dancers are between their early twenties and mid sixties.

Do I need to wear a bodysuit and tights?

No! Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. You can look at our attire section for more information. 

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